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Infused Special: Live from CannaTech Tulsa Day #1

It’s Part 1 of the Infused Show’s CannaTech Emerging Industries Show from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

The Infused Show went on the road this past February to cover the CannaTech from the trade show floor. Join us as we talk to the most interesting & innovative people, including Dave Fortenbacher from Webbgro, in the red hot Oklahoma cannabis market!

Why Webbgro?

35 Years Experience Inventing Cultivation Products and Taking Them to Market

Webbgro is a revolutionary mobile Cannabis growing trellis designed to save you time, increase yields, and simplify plant maintenance.


Webbgro Cannabis Mobile Trellis Advantages


Less Labor Time

Accessibility to the Entire Plant

Adjustable to Fit Your Needs


Cost Effective


  • Flushing plants
  • Mobile work cart
  • Mobile utility & trimming cart
  • Mobile Drying rack
  • Cloning
  • Moving plants outdoor and indoor
  • Cannabis Growing
  • Vegetation
  • Condensing room size
  • Moving plants outdoor and indoor
Webbgro Benefits

Increased Yields

Save Space

15 Years of Growing Experience

Assembling Your Webbgro

Assemble your Webbgro in a few easy steps. Play the video and follow along with our step-by-step instructions.

Industry News
Industry News
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