About Webbgro

About Webbgro

How it all began…

In search of a better way to deal with my everyday pain of two life altering accidents…and well you know, life afterwards. I was prescribed a medical marijuana card as a organic (and now legal) alternative for pain medication. I was skeptical, but gave it a try, I was very surprised how well it worked.

I started growing a few plants of my own and before long,

I was hooked! I have this little pattern, my interests tend to turn into my next business…

I LOVED being with my “girls” (aka plants) but, dang it gets so HOT!

As I continued to grow, I discovered how hard it was to manage the plants once they are in a trellis…and…

That became my mission: create an easier way!

That is how “Webbgro” came to life.

We hope you enjoy growing with us…

Dave Fortenbacher

Why Webbgro?

Webbgro is a revolutionary family of products designed to save you time, increase yields, and simplify plant maintenance.

Increased Yields - More Bud 30%
Reduced Maintenance Time - Time Saved 75%
Save Money - Profits Kept 57%
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