What Is Considered High THC?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant. It has been considered very effective in treating various illnesses aided by its naturally found cannabinoids and terpenes properties. Each of these properties fulfills a distinct function that makes the euphoric and relaxing effects of the drug — making it useful for medicinal and recreational use. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main chemical responsible for most cannabis products’ psychoactive effects, including giving its users that feeling of elation and high. The higher the THC numbers, the higher the product’s effects, making it imperative for cannabis users to have complete knowledge about safe THC levels and what is considered high THC to heed to their needs.

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You will notice a label showing their THC percentage when you purchase cannabis from dispensary shelves or get cannabis seeds from a seed bank. This label helps the user know the product’s THC content and determine its potency level — a higher THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level generally results in a more intoxicating effect than usual. However, higher THC numbers may also lead to several adverse effects, including paranoia, nausea, and anxiety, amongst other things. A cannabis product is said to have a high THC level when its concentration is more than 15%. However, deciding if a 15% THC level is too low or high depends on an individual since 15% is low for some while it’s higher for others.

A high THC flower variety has a THC concentration of 30%. On the contrary, this figure can be regarded as low for some since some products have up to 60% or higher THC percentage, a good example being butane-hash-oil cannabis extracts.

What Is Considered High THC?
Some cannabis users consider high-THC-flower with a 15% THC level as high. In contrast, with more experienced users, a 20% THC level may not be able to provide them with the same intoxicating effect and potency as they’re used to. Conversely, even a 10% THC level can have a powerful intoxicating impact on a novice user. Therefore, the high THC percentage depends on a person’s experience with the product.

THC levels also differ between the types and strains of cannabis products. For instance, some cannabis products have low THC-Strains, barely 1%, whereas others have a higher THC strain, and their concentration can reach 20% and above. When buying cannabis products, you will encounter terms like premium, high-grade, and robust. This term refers to THC levels but doesn’t necessarily mean its product’s quality.

Several people who use cannabis for recreational purposes go for strains with higher THC since it offers more potent and definite psychoactive effects. This makes them more active, creative, focused, and motivated, resulting in an uplifting effect. Moreover, the dosage one takes doesn’t always match the high potency level you will get.

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